“At the Gate of the Mother of Compassion” / acrylic on canvas/ 52” x 52”

(To Bhavabhayaharini, “She Who Removes the Fear of Earthly Existence”)/ 1996

William Arthur Mills

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The Sovereign Empress of All Worlds

From Mother Matrix of All Energy: Maha Shakti Ma


by William Arthur Mills

Impeccably fulfilling every aspect of Her sacred function as Prakriti, the animating force of the universe, Mother resides as the eternal Sovereign Empress of All Worlds. Being the conscious power behind the entire creation, Mother is endlessly present in all of the tasks of Her household. This infinite universe is entirely Her domain. Mother is every ray of light, all sound, and every precious form of nature. She is everything everywhere. The Divine Mother is the cry of every baby, the movement of every creature, and the rhythm of every heartbeat. She is the underlying energy- and eternal supply- of unfathomable Grace.

The Divine Mother is the sacred earth with all of it’s rocks, caves, waters, and forests. She is the divine factory of photosynthesis Itself; the life energy vibrating in every plant and tree on our glorious planet. Mother is the seas of the earth; She is also the lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds which sustain all life. Sometimes, She is simply known as the Goddess of Dawn, Ushas, the very essence of the light and vibration of dawn Itself. She is, quite literally,  the energy of a new day. The Divine Mother is more ancient than time itself, for it is She Who sees (and IS!) the very first warming rays of sunlight, beaming over earth’s horizon each and every morning.