“Ardhanarishwara”/ Acrylic on canvas/ 72” x 46”/ 2005

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Detail from the lower left hand corner of “Ardhanarishwara”

Details of the Self-luminous hands of the Sacred Hermaphrodite: Ardhanarishwara

The ambrosial left leg of the Divine Hermaphrodite.

Detail: The Koshas. World within world, resting at the lotus feet of the Sacred Hermaphrodite are the koshas, the five sheaths, or layers, of consciousness which cover the Atman.

William Arthur Mills

Ardhanarishwara: The Merging of Shiva and Shakti

The union of Shiva-Shakti, our Cosmic Parents, is the divine spark from which the entire universe eternally unfolds. Respectively, each represent the very essence of the cosmic male and female principles. Father Shiva represents pure consciousness; as Mother Shakti represents universal energy. However, when merged into a particular form of deification which allows their individual attributes to be more easily understood as one, the hermaphrodite becomes an exquisite archetype. Specifically, Ardhanarishwara is the deification of this sacred cosmic ‘merging’.

Meaning, “The God who is Half Woman”, Ardhanarishwara is the exquisite deification of our Cosmic Creator(s). S/He comprises the limitless oneness of BEing which we all share. Ardhanarishwara impeccably depicts this primal sacred androgyny. The Great Hermaphrodite seamlessly embodies this perfectly combined archetype that is both male and female- though ultimately neither. In this blissfully surrendered, gender-less ‘space’, Love Itself- lover- and beloved, all unconditionally submit in divine amalgamation. 

All life, everything, is part of the mysterious, transcendental ‘structure’ of this combined Cosmic Male and Female principle. S/He is the vast silence of the Cosmic Self, witnessing endless worlds rising from one collective BEing. Through the understanding of Shiva’s timeless union with His inseparable Shakti, we arrive at the most marvelous revelation of all- that we are all partaking in this infinite mystery-  eternally creating ITself!

Ardhanarishwara is the eternal presence of this unnameable, luminous inner-scape of the Self. The union of this divine coupling, Shiva-Shakti, is the deification of the limitless oneness of being which we all share. Worship of Ardhanarishwara is said to dissolve all self projected (ego) boundaries which merely appear to separate us from the Supreme Source. Please visit “The Sacred Hermaphrodite” Page  to read- and see- more about this peerless, omniscient deity named Sri Ardhanarishwara.

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