“Empress of Duality”/ acrylic on canvas/ 30” x 24”/ 1996

“Listen”, says the Sovereign Goddess of All Worlds, “The infinite consciousness  known as the Self, and the infinite field of time and space, are all one substance pervaded by the same infinite consciousness”.

William Arthur Mills

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Empress of Duality

The Divine Mother embodies countless aspects and forms for Her devotees. It is said that She assumes the chosen form that is most dear and meaningful to each devotee. In this understanding, She is the supreme maya of this world of name and form; as well as the great formless, non-differential consciousness beyond it. The Great Mother is the primal universal energy that manifests all life forms; animate and inanimate (it doesn’t matter to Ma). She is very definition of the ephemeral and transitory; yet, She is sometimes worshiped as utterly changeless and perpetually enduring. Regardless, Mother is the life pulse of the universe; all of which is a dazzling spectacle of Her indivisible cosmic power.

Occasionally, when we are exceedingly fortunate, we are offered a peek behind some of the phenomenal forms that Her consciousness takes on. The wisdom of the Mother shall prevail far beyond what words, perception, or concepts could possibly ever offer. In this knowledge, we see that we are all mere instruments in Her supreme glory. Mother is the sole reality behind all appearances. She is all the senses of perception; as well as all the objects of perception. In stillness, we intuit Her divine wisdom and embodiment behind the myriad complexities of name and form.