“Hidden Mother”/acrylic on wood/ 9” x 37.5”/ 2003

William Arthur Mills

William Arthur Mills

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“Hidden Mother” (Kundalini Ma)

ABOVE: “Wisdom Mother”:  In this 37.5” x 9” acrylic painting on wood, I have depicted the energies (prana), known as the Ida and Pingala nadis, as they make their ascent up the sushumna, piercing the chakras. The sushumna nadi, the main channel sometimes referred to as the “silver cord”, is symbolized here by the actual length and width of this painting.

The seven major intersections of the archetypes of consciousness are known as the chakras.  Kundalini awakening occurs as the kundalini shakti flows through the chakras, systematically piercing, and thereby stimulating, these subtle energy centers.

Briefly, the seven major chakras as depicted here are:

1. Muladhara: base of the spine (red)

  1. 2.Svadhistana: genital/sacral plexus area (orange)

  2. 3. Manipura: solar plexus/ navel region (yellow)

  3. 4. Anahata:  heart center (green)

  4. 5. Vishudha:  throat center (blue)

  5. 6. Ajna: third eye, eyebrow center (indigo)

  6. 7. Sahasrara: crown of the head (violet)

Mother Kundalini , the dynamic Supreme Shakti , is the one unified, infinite energy that animates every form in the universe. She ceaselessly calls out to Her partner, Shiva, to guide Her home to the pure, formless state of the changeless witness within:  the Self. The glorious hermaphrodite, Ardhanarishwara, emerges as the one deity, as  Kundalini Shakti unites with Her Shiva in the Sahasrara chakra- the union of matter and spirit.

“Hidden Mother”/acrylic on wood/ 9” x 37.5”/ 2003