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“Srivatsa (The Eternal Knot”)/ Acrylic on paper

11” x 8.5”/ William Arthur Mills 2012

The Endless Knot

©William Arthur Mills 2012


The Endless Knot is an auspicious ‘closed’ symbol, long adapted by various spiritual traditions to symbolize all things infinite and changeless. Composed of right-angled intertwining lines, overlapping without a beginning or an end, it most commonly represents endless life, wisdom, and compassion. These intertwined lines indicate that all phenomena are conjoined and yoked together in an endless ‘closed’ cycle of cause and effect.

The Endless Knot perfectly symbolizes the continuity that is the underlying reality of all existence. This auspicious form is indicative of the dramatic interplay of the opposing forces in the dualistic world (of manifestation) with the all-pervading non dualistic consciousness- eternally residing within and without every atom of existence. Its symmetrical form, with no beginning or end, represents the interweaving of infinite time, space, and movement.

Since all phenomena are interrelated, the giving of The Endless Knot as a gift is understood to establish an auspicious connection between the giver and the recipient. The Endless Knot has also been long symbolic of the omnipresence linking all ancestors and friends in an eternal bond of Love. Thus, contemplation of this composition, being a pattern that is closed in on itself with no gaps, leads to a greater awareness of the underlying simplicity, balance, and harmony inherent in all immutable universal truths.

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